Oh Sheffield, you little rascal.

Would you look at that, I’m not dead! so here I am with a proper update, it’s a bit of a one man show at the minute and I’m struggling to be perfectly honest, but what can you do.

So, when I say Sheffield what do you think of? Nevermind I don’t really care, I was just being polite.

The Nottsbrew Shalesmoor route has been steady since April (yes it really has been that long) but wiping the tears from my eyes I’m here to tell you about an addition, you might gasp, you may well spit out your coffee but yes I’m tinkering with the route, and you know what you can do if you don’t like it? You can shove it right up your a not go to the Riverside, which I have tagged on and makes an excellent stop before, or just after my favourite, the Harlequin Inn.

The Riverside

I'm well aware this picture needs updating!

In the summer this place will be unmissable, alas as you can see from the pictures our visit was very dark, cold, and wet. There are around 8 beers on and the clientel is an excellent mix of young and old (even on a Friday night when visited) the vibe was pleasant and friendly, the outside seating area was excellent and I can’t wait to go back when it’s warm, then I will take some better pictures of course.

As you’re walking from the Fat Cat, follow it round on the same side of the road as the little tesco, easy.

1 Mowbray St, Neepsend, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S3 8EN

The Gardeners Rest

A few more are on the bar at the rear of the picture

This place has a fine selection of around 12 beers with interesting nooks and crannies to sit, though in spite of this I just plain didn’t like the vibe from this place, the beer was nice enough but it was like a mortuary the group of us felt very uncomfortable. Perhaps our none yooorksher accents gave us away as imposters, but this and the fact that it’s a reasonable detour has put this on my ‘one to try again’ list for now at least.

105 Neepsend LaneĀ  Sheffield, South Yorkshire S3 8AT
0114 272 4978

4 thoughts on “Oh Sheffield, you little rascal.

  1. Your page coming off my printer as I write this – we’re going to Sheffield in a couple of weeks! Your articles on Sheffield pubs have changed my life… for the better! It’s hard not to make comparisons though – I wonder why proprietors in Nottingham don’t learn from what’s going on in the Steel City?

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Forgot to mention this, but next time you are in Sheffield you might want to try this place:


    Not tried it myself, it only opened at the weekend, but I have been to the one in Leeds and it is pretty good – I do like Ossett beers though.

    I reckon it could easily be tacked on to the ‘clockwise’ crawl!

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