Royal Children continues to be a royal mess

It’s never easy when your bigger brother is a lot more successfull than you are and unfortunately the Royal Childrens’ bigger brother the Salutation Inns ever strong popularity has given the Royal Children an absolute mountain to climb.

To let, let's hope someone does. This was taken on what should have been a busy Friday night.

So much has been tried here but it just never seemed to work and yet believe it or not the Royal Children 2 years or so ago had the best beer selection in Nottingham with all 8 pumps serving quality ale; and they where quick to pick up on the popularity of the Thornbridge stable offering 2 or 3 of their beers at once.

As time went on however the selection of beers began to drop noticeably likely due to them unfortunately not selling, the blues bar and live music didn’t even seem to get many people in, as the end drew closer Fridays would often only have a handful of paying customers. Towards the bitter end all the ale was pretty much gone, with 1 pump offering some generic rubbish, and the rest being a Fosters-fest, massively sad, and we hope to see this great pub with massive potential back on its feet again soon.

One thought on “Royal Children continues to be a royal mess

  1. I don’t think the fire back in June helped matters.

    What this pub needs is a sympathetic renovation, a great range of interesting, well kept beers served by enthusiastic and well trained staff, good value food all day and an operator who understands what people want.

    It’s not that hard, just look at the Cross Keys, for example. The owning Pubco didn’t seem to have a clue and the pub ending up closing down. In comes a local niche operator and it’s now a thriving pub.

    However it does appear that the pub has now been let; and its owners, who describe the pub as; “hugely popular with business people, shoppers and tourists and enjoys excellent year round trade” are planning a refurb.

    Weather it ends up being a knobbed up version of what went before, or something more interesting we will have to wait and see.

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