The London Connection

Apologies for the lack of any kind of update last week, I was down in London and hoppkins was busy with real life stuff.

Castle Rock – Harvest Pale as you likely know is supreme champion of great britain, some accolade and a great thing to associate with Nottingham other than ridiculous gun crime stastics and how women outnumber men 3/1.

I’ve lived in Nottingham all my life and have never had a gun rammed into my side by a bikini wearing, pistol toting madwoman, shame.

So there I am on Sunday at the trainstation waiting for my boss whilst listening to a recorded message of how the whole place had been evacuated and that I should run for my life, so I did, to hooters. It goes without saying it’s somewhat unecessary to review hooters, one for a different website perhaps.

On returning to the station the trains had been delayed for another hour, so off the VAT and fiddle we went, it turns out this was going to be the last Harvest Pale I saw for the week.

Londons a massive place, I won’t pretend to have gone on some incredible mega tour ticking off all the pubs whilst frequenting the relevant hospitals for liver replacements and stomach pumpings as required. Even with the two of us it’s an impossible task, but it soon became clear that in our nations capital there’s either literally none, or very little Nottingham beers on sale, and to make things worse of the 10 or so pubs we frequented, Derbyshires Thornbridge – Jaipur was available in 3 (it’s worth noting the most expensive Jaipur we saw in the heart of London was £3.25)

I was left puzzled, I had asked a few CAMRA members down there if they knew about supreme champion of britain Harvest Pale and was left with blank looks, like I had just asked them if they had an appreciation of flower pressing. It wasn’t until Thursday in The Bree Louise did I get a better picture of what was going on.

Bree Louise

If this is Eustons best kept secret then tell nobody nothing, of the times we visited including a random Tuesday it has always been packed!

I won’t get into re-reviewing The Bree Louise, but if you have never been it absolutely is the best pub I have ever been too. I spoke to the owner Craig, a passionate man who clearly loves his beer, he told me that thankfully Nottingham beer IS on its way to London, it sounds like Blue Monkey will be gracing the shelves of the Bree Louise in the near future, a deal which surely will work well for both sides.

But with this all said and done, there’s a lot to be done in London, Nottingham CAMRA run the largest real ale festival in the UK, but not to Londoners, they’ve never heard of it!

Do you know anywhere in London serving Nottingham beers? are you a Londoner who loves the Nottingham beer festival? let us know!