Crafty Crow crushes competition

Beer diversity in Nottingham has had a much needed shot in the arm with Nottingham’s newest bar the Crafty Crow opening this week opposite the castle replacing the old BZR bar.


The decor is large and open


So how good is it? In short, very, the Crafty Crow bridges the gap between craft and real ale by doing the simple step of offering a superb selection of both without needless pretension, furthermore the pricing structure goes from £2.80 a pint (more than fair for rip off Nottingham) up to some of the stratospheric prices often associated with craft..


The centre of the bar area is dominated by this beast offering 10 craft beers.


Each side of the bar has 5 hand-pulls (yes I know I only got 4 in shot)


Dog friendly, spacious and offering a wide selection of traditional and non traditional pub food, real ale, craft beer and other drinks it’s hard to see how the Crafty Crow can fail, is it possible to keep 20 beers on in this economic climate? Let’s hope so because this is without doubt setting a new high standard for Nottingham.


Carling and Grolsch taps are used to wash your hands.


Traditional pub food with a twist. Pulled pork scotch eggs, pricey but superb.


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