Friday and Saturday advanced beer festival tickets, SOLD OUT.

It’s hardly surprising is it? no it’s not. I’ve been tweeting telling people to get their tickets, I’ve been telling people I work with to get their tickets and yet some are going to have to do without. The good news is you can still likely get in as long as you turn up early enough on Friday, CAMRA have a small amount for cash only entry if you turn up before 2pm you should be ok, but I’m basing that guess on last year do I know what’s going to happen this year? no…

The really good news is Thursday is actually the best night to go as all the beers are available and it’s the best time to get a shot at ‘the full range’ with the other nights selling out so soon though don’t be surprised to see pressure put on ticket sales for Thursday now!

I (maybe ‘we’) will be tweeting live from the event, so say hello, tip us a top beer, or warn us off the terrible!

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